A rocket in my pocket

And a sweater on my sofa. It's the surplice lace top -- and I'm finishing it! I can't wait. Partly to see if it fits. I've been unhappy with the fit of my last summer lace sweater (the Lotus Blossom Tank) so I chose a size to give less ease. We'll see.

Tuesday night I started sewing the overlap. Twice, of course. Rather than following the directions which have you overlap the two pieces to fit the bottom piece that you sew it on to, I thought I'd be clever and figure it out mathematically. Unfortunately, the logic of this situation was not intuitively obvious to me. There are 58 stitches cast on on each top side (plus the edging, but I'm disregarding that for now). There are 94 stitches cast off the top of the lace piece at the bottom. 58 x 2 = 116, 116-94=22

What YOU should do, if you make this sweater, is overlap twenty-two stitches from each piece. What I did was be clever and overlap 11 stitches, thinking that uses up the 22 extra stitches. But it doesn't. Trust me.

Next post, either a finished sweater, or further finishing trials.


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