Now the old one will turn up . . .

I finished my son's costume. He's going to a camp that features a medieval feast as part of the evening entertainment. The first year he went to this camp, I made him a tunic & pants to wear -- but where they are, we cannot remember. Both his "garb" and the costume I made my daughter in 5th grade -- are missing. Her costume featured a tunic, for when she starred as Romeo in the class play, and a skirt, which converted the tunic to a dress, when she was ready to go back to being a girl.

Have YOU SEEN this Costume? Or this one?

So, here's the new incarnation, made in "school colors" just in case he wants to be even MORE interestingly dressed than usual for football games this fall. I used these instructions, which are rather Elizabeth Zimmerman-ish in their modularity and scope for the imagination.Being secretly superstitious, I'm betting tomorrow someone will call to return the old costumes, a person who's taken good care of them (and who can't help my poor memory). Unless I have to wait till my daughter needs another one as well?


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